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Star Maker Winner Blake O’Connor Releases Debut Album



In January 2019, 18-year-old Blake O’Connor became the 40th winner of Toyota Star Maker – Australia’s longest running and most prestigious country music competition. Today he releases his debut album, Everything I Feel

The album Everything I Feel was produced by great mate and mentor Adam Eckersley, who worked his musical ears and skills on all of the tunes.

“Adam was the perfect producer for this project because he gets me. We both have a very similar music taste and a goal to just make good music that serves the song, and to have fun doing it. Then to have Adam and his awesomely talented band – Mitch Cairns, Daniel Biederman, Ben Elliott – play on the tracks too, as well as Brooke McClymont, Tiana Dennis, Michel Rose, Luke Miller and Evan Mannell, and watching the songs come alive was amazing. In addition, we had Grammy Award winner Nick DiDia mix the album which was something super special. Some of the artists Nick has worked with have been some of my favourite, including Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Powderfinger. To have his input and ear on this album was something I couldn’t be more thrilled about.”

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