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Tanya Tucker Planning To Resume Touring In 2021



The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner into the works for many sectors, industries and individuals. Music events have been one of the hardest-hit, as it is virtually impossible to host a festival with crowds any longer. Thus, there have been multiple examples of musicians having to cancel or postpone their festival tours and other events this year, leading to thousands of disappointed fans. Country star Tanya Tucker is one such musician, but she has now revealed plans to resume touring in 2021.

Tucker has recently seen a resurgence, winning two Grammys this year – Best Country Album for ‘While I’m Livin’ and Best Country Song for ‘Bring My Flowers Now’. The Texas native has had a huge impact on the country music scene, with 23 albums hitting the Top 40 charts, and a staggering 56 Top 40 singles. Her Grammy Award wins this year add to the two CMAs, two ACMs and three CMT awards she has already won in a nearly 50-year long career. It was thus especially unfortunate that she could not tour this year, on the back of her success at the Grammys, with venues having been reported as sold out in anticipation. Nevertheless, the country music star has now announced her touring schedule for 2021, with dates beginning from July and going on till November. She kicks off the tour in Canada, and after touring across the United States, plans to make the trip across the Atlantic in November, with shows in Glasgow, London, Copenhagen and Denmark closing out her tour calendar. Many of these rescheduled dates are part of her CMT Next Women of Country: Bring My Flowers Now Tour, which was cancelled earlier this year. Tucker has also preferred to wait till next summer to start her tour, in contrast to other artists who have announced tour dates much earlier in 2021. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if this tour goes ahead, but she has given herself a good chance by scheduling it for a later time in the year.

Of course, musicians have been finding new ways to connect with their fans and provide new music during this time. Like almost every other sector, it has been the internet that has come to their rescue, as artists have been going live on streaming services such as Twitch and Instagram Live and putting on virtual concerts for their fans. This is similar to how a host of other sectors have been coping with the pandemic and delivering their services over the internet. The example of online casinos comes to mind, where casino operators have gone online in order to provide customers with some best live casino games and other forms of content and entertainment, and also to keep some revenue coming in while land-based casinos remain shut. In terms of the music industry, streaming is not nearly as lucrative as live performances, which make up the bulk of musicians’ earnings. However, such virtual concerts have helped many artists keep their heads above water, while there have also been many charity concerts and streams organized which aimed at raising funds for COVID-19 relief, including for musicians and artists themselves as well.

It is still too early to say if plans for 2021 will bear fruit or not. However, the sensible thing to do is to keep those plans as late in the year as possible in order to have the most time to prepare, as well as change things around depending on circumstances. Tanya Tucker is sure to have packed venues singing along to her songs whenever she returns to touring, and so it is important that health and safety are the priority as of now.

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