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The Shires Announce New Album “10 Year Plan”



The Shires 10 Year Plan

The Shires have announced the release of their soul-stirring new album 10 Year Plan, out on 11th March 2022 and launch it by sharing its lead single ‘I See Stars’. Listen HERE.
Premiered on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show on Radio 2 this morning, the duo’s Ben Earle wrote the song with Jeff Cohen (Jake Bugg, Mandy Moore, Sugarland), who previously collaborated on their fan favourites ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ and ‘A Thousand Hallelujahs’.
Ben says, “We love the Coldplay/‘Greatest Showman’ vibes on this! it’s not trying to be clever, it’s just really uplifting and big and positive. It’s another one that has arena vibes – I can picture us being up there on a massive stage with everyone singing along.”
‘I See Stars’ is a bold introduction to ‘10 Year Plan’, a collection of songs which takes all of The Shires’ biggest influences and condenses them into one cohesive, confident record. Its title harks back to their modest goals when they first started back in 2012.
As Crissie Rhodes reflects, “We wanted to get our music to Bob Harris, and we wanted a thousand Facebook followers. At the time that seemed crazy, but Ben was committed to it.” He was proven right, as Crissie continues: “The number of people enjoying country music has exploded in the UK, but it still feels like an undercurrent. Even recently, we’ve had people come to our shows and say they were surprised, because they didn’t think country was for them!”

10 Year Plan Track List:

  1. ‘Cut Me Loose’
  2. ‘Sparks Fly’
  3. ‘Side By Side’
  4. ‘Plot Twist’
  5. ‘Ten Year Plan’
  6. ‘I See Stars’
  7. ‘Bar Without You’
  8. ‘Baby We’re Rich’
  9. ‘Skydive’
  10. ‘Wild Heart’
  11. ‘Forever Tonight’
  12. ‘Peggy I’m Sorry’
  13. ‘When It Hurts’

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