The Shires Found ‘Guilty’ At HMV Oxford Street

The Shires had a big surprise in store for their fans at their album signing at HMV Oxford Street on Tuesday. Arriving in style in an American style police car, The Shires played homage to the theme of their music video for their new single ‘Guilty’ and blared the track from the sirens as they arrived on Oxford Street.

Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle turned up to HMV Oxford Street handcuffed to one another in black and white convict t-shirts. The Shires were assisted from the vehicle by their chauffeur, an American cop.

Crowds of fans gathered to watch the band give an exclusive performance at their album signing, celebrating the release of their third album ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ which was released on Friday.

Since it’s release on Friday, ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ has been battling it out for the number one spot in this week’s UK Album Chart, with only a few hundred copies separating this week’s top three. The album is BBC Radio 2’s Album of the Week and ‘Guilty’ is the second most played song on Magic.