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The Stars Of Country Music And Their Hidden Talents



By University of Houston

We all know that our favourite country music idols can sing a powerful song (whether this is a ballad or an uplifting tune) but aside from great vocals and impressive song-writing lyrics, did you know that there is more to them that meets the eye? Discover the very intriguing hidden talents behind our favourite singing super stars!

Chopper life

Kris Kristofferson is known for his powerful and rich tone, but did you know that he can literally fly himself to a gig? Yes! Mr Kristofferson holds a helicopter licence and according to the legend that is Johnny Cash, he even once landed a helicopter in Mr Cash’s front yard. That’s so showbiz!

Love – all

Is there a correlation between tennis and singing? Both require vigorous training and self-care, country singer Kenny Rogers was a professional-level tennis player back in the day and even insisted checking out the local courts when he was on tour to play a little tennis. He even told Rolling Stone magazine “I developed a national ranking while I was on the road playing with Wimbledon champions.”

Colour me suprised

There is certainly an art to song writing and guitar playing, but country music star Steve Wariner is also a dab hand at! Steve loves to paint and has even exhibited his work at a museum in Tennessee.

Life in the fast lane

The Eagles – By Steve Alexander

There have been lots of musicians over the years who have played poker – from Nelly to the iconic Joni Mitchell. Even the likes of country singer-songwriter Tom Schneider is actually a professional poker player too.

The Eagles are known for their incredible range of hits such as the legendary Hotel California. The song writing skills of Don Henley, Don Henley and Glen Frey and is considered to be their most famous song. As well as being a great lyricist, Glenn Frey often used to participate in games of poker. According to backstage sources, Frey along with Don Henley were ‘avid card players’ and often played not just in their homes, but in hotel rooms, backstage and even on tour buses too.

Take that

When you look at someone like Willie Nelson – if truth be told, you don’t necessarily associate him with Taekwondo, but it just goes to show that you should never judge someone on appearances. Mr Nelson has been practising martial arts for over twenty years now and the great man even made a cameo appearance in Master Sum Um’s ‘Fighting with Anger’ king fu film.

A different level

Country starlet Angaleena Presley is not only just good at scaling up the music charts, but she is also a dab hand at playing the video gaming phenomenon – Minecraft. We are sure that her strategic approach can be applied to her singing career as well as scaling the different levels of Minecraft too!

Playing ball

American idol alumni and country singer sensation Scott McCreery is not only adept at catching a hit record, but he is also a superstar on baseball field, and by all accounts is super competitive!

From marvellous martial arts to terrific tennis – these stars have it all. From the legends of the classic era of country music stars who continue to impress to the up and coming stars, they all have an array of hidden talents and skills. We cant wait to see some of these skills in action on their next tour!

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