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The Top Three Big Divorce Expenses



Divorce can easily drain a person’s saving and leave a divorcee penniless with nothing to start a new life. Dealing with divorce papers, trying to come to an agreement with your soon-to-be-ex, cooperating with multiple professionals, rearranging life processes according to a changed personal status. All together makes up an imposing sum of money to be spent. 

If you are searching for a cheap divorce, you need to be inventive and think of more beneficial ways to get divorce beforehand. First of all, you should know the biggest possible threats for your personal budget, so that you can come up with cheap solutions. Planning and resolving divorce issues wisely will save your wallet and fulfil your divorce plans. 

Divorce Process

The biggest cost item is obviously the divorce process itself. There are many ways to deal with your divorce and your task is to choose the best option to suit both your budget and your interest. 

  • Problem – Litigation may drain all your savings – if you choose litigation as the main divorce strategy, forget about a cheap and fast divorce process. You are going to waste tens of thousands dollars on divorce preparation services, separate divorce attorneys for both partners, endless court processes, constant arguments on the way to agreements. This will damage your health, everyday life and financial stability. 
  • Solution – Choose mediation instead – the best way out is to avoid litigation as a divorce strategy. The more you can cooperate with your partner and deal with the divorce amicably, the more chances you have to be financially safe. Mediation is one of the top options for you. You will only hire one mediator for a couple, so the expenses will be decreased twice. Apart from the ability to decide everything on your own and come to an agreement peacefully, you will be able to get a divorce faster and cheaper than using litigation. Overall, you will spend up to several thousand on the mediation process and documentation issues. 

Custodial Expenses

If you go through the divorce with children, get ready for an extra headache. Poorly organized custodial plan will not only make your and your children’s routine difficult but will add financial hurdles as well. 

  • Problem – Burden of the single parent – it often happens that parents in divorce don’t pay enough attention to creating a qualitative custodial plan. It may result in additional expenses: waste on long commuting, unnecessary presents, improper scheduling, unfairly shared expenses, and so on. Or your inability to cooperate with another parent will lead to his/her refusal to co-parent due to some excuse. This will grant you with a burden of single parent and end of your financial stability. 
  • Solution – Cooperate with ex – amicable divorce and eagerness to cooperate in the sake of your kids will save the situation. If you work well on a co-parenting plan and take into account the priorities of your kids and the comfort of both of the parents, co-parenting won’t be a burden for either of the parents. Moreover, getting on well with your ex may help you in case of unpleasant financial surprises, so that you will have a person to back you up emotionally and financially. 

Rearranging the Life 

When you are finally finished with divorce docs, you face the need to rearrange multiple things in your life. This may cost you a fortune and leave you penniless. To avoid a financial collapse, you should be more predictive and inventive. 

  • Problem – Big changes to make – being busy with divorce process many divorcees postpone crucial changes to the last moment. And when it comes to them, people are overwhelmed physically, emotionally and financially with the things to rearrange. Moving a house, dealing with personal property, bank and credit issues, career changes, it all may take a bunch of time and money to handle. In the end, you will only get into more financial troubles. 
  • Solution – Make it in advance and gradually – from the moment you decide to get divorced, you should understand that there are changes and resolutions that are irreversible and should take place better sooner than later. You are strongly recommended to start rearranging life processes beforehand and gradually. Although it may be psychologically difficult, but it will help you to cover the expenses bit by bit, not all at once and will leave you financially safe and well-prepared to the life of a divorcee.  

Anyway, financial challenges are not the reason to refuse from getting divorced, if you really need it. Your task is to study your personal situation and possible financial threats and do your best to prevent them. There are many ways to make your divorce cheaper, including the amicable process, online services, free help, advisors and specialists, and everything that will make the divorce procedure more productive and qualitative. Do your best and deal with the divorce for your personal and financial benefits. 

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