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The Wandering Hearts Share New Song ‘Gold’ & Album Details



The Wandering Hearts headed to Woodstock at the start of 2020 to work on a follow-up album to ‘Wild Silence’. The result is their forthcoming self-titled album, which will be released on July 30th, which they have today launched with the new single ‘Gold’.
‘Gold’ opens with AJ Dean-Revington’s gritty vocals, before the band’s signature harmonies explode into life. It offers a timely reminder that challenging experiences will in time fade in favour of a better future.
The band, completed by Tara Wilcox and Chess Whiffin, commented: “‘Gold’ stemmed from the idea of something becoming more beautiful after being broken. We had chatted about the Japanese art form kintsugi, which repairs pottery with lacquer mixed with gold. This was the perfect imagery for what we were writing about. Our scars are a visual representation of our struggles and our stories of loss are stories of survival. ‘Gold’ feels even more connected and poignant now, after a year of so much loss and everyone just trying to survive.”
Directed and shot by Jackson Ducasse (Dua Lipa, JC Stewart), the music video was filmed in the Northampton countryside.

‘The Wandering Hearts’ track list: 

  1. ‘Hammer Falls’
  2. ‘Over Your Body’
  3. ‘Build A Fire’
  4. ‘I Feel It Too’
  5. ‘Gold’
  6. ‘Dolores’
  7. ‘Dreams’
  8. ‘Never Too Late’
  9. ‘Tell Me When I Wake Up’
  10. ‘On Our Way’
  11. ‘Stardust’
  12. ‘Lullaby’

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