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Three Of The Best Music Scenes In The United Kingdom



There is nothing quite like seeing a live act during a night out, and that often means that some of the biggest cities around the world have a number of offerings to visitors when they are in the city. However, finding the perfect venue for her music taste is often the crucial aspect, with certain areas often having specific genres more than most.

One of the best things about the United Kingdom is that every city is different when it comes to the music scene, which means that you can plan ahead to get your preferred music fix. These are three of the cities that you must check out when you’re looking for live music in the United Kingdom.


There is no other place to start when discussing music venues in the United Kingdom than Liverpool. It is one of the most iconic music cities in the world, and much of that is down to the success that The Beatles achieved. There are numerous tourist attractions in the city, but none are as popular as the Cavern Club, which is heaving every single night of the week. It is certainly the place to be in the evenings in the city, with the club often at capacity, but it is a must for all music lovers.

There have been some huge names to play at the club in the past, with Adele, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys all playing sets. The club is most famous for playing Beatles songs, which means that it will appeal to fans of the band. However, even if you aren’t a Beatles fan, you will still find yourself singing along and dancing.


Liverpool isn’t the only northern city with a deep history of producing famous musicians, as Manchester is also the place to be. Manchester has produced some of the biggest rock bands that have gone on to sell millions of records around the world. The city is famous is most famous for being the birthplace of Oasis and the Stone Roses. The music scene was at its most vibrant during the 1990s, but that same trend has continued to this modern day.

There is a wide range of venues to attend in Manchester, with these ranging from the huge MEN Arena to small local bars that will just have a singer and a guitar. There will be something for all music fans in the city, and you may just see an emerging star on your visit to the city.


The second city in the United Kingdom is revered for its options for music fans that are visiting the city. Birmingham is the best location for all music lovers as it covers a broad range of different genres. There are heavy metal options for visitors, as the city is renowned for being the birthplace of iconic group Black Sabbath, while it also offers a rock and indie scene that is unmatched.

The second city also has a number of venues that offer grime and rap music, with cult band The Streets being formed in the city. No matter your music taste, the city will live up to every expectation that you have of seeing the best music in the United Kingdom.

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