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Tim Prottey-Jones & Kezia Gill To Release Re-Imagined “Cotton Eye Joe”



Tim Prottey Jones

Tim Prottey-Jones and Kezia Gill are set to release a reimagined version of nostalgic 90’s hit ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ on 14th January 2022!

As the campaign for his most recent original music came to a close, Tim hit upon the notion of reworking some nostalgic 90’s one-hit-wonders & giving them a new lease of life as dark Americana tracks. Each would be a duet with a vocalist he admired and ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ was no different.

Having known each other on the UK country circuit, BCMA award winners Tim and Kezia first collaborated during the very first lockdown in 2020 as part of a remotely recorded series of tracks that celebrated the best UK country voices and musicians. From that moment, Tim knew he wanted to record with Kezia again & he set about producing a version of the track that would rekindle the magic of where the Civil Wars left off whilst being true to the origins of the song.

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