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Tim Prottey-Jones Releases ‘The UK Country Collective – Homegrown: Volume 1’



Tim Prottey-Jones has released a collection of covers with some of British country’s brightest talents, in a project titled ‘The UK Country Collective – Homegrown – Volume 1’.

It features songs by the likes of Maren Morris, Kenny Rogers & Brad Paisley. Alongside Tim, showcasing their vocals are UK stars Laura Oakes, Vicki Manser, Charlotte Black & Katy Hurt.

The UK Country Collective was born out of passion, frustration, boredom & the need to do something, anything, during the COVID 19 enforced lockdown in the United Kingdom. Tim got the ball rolling by contacting friends, colleagues & trusted peers with a view to recreating some of the finest country music covers from the last 60 years.

Never did he imagine that they would end up delivering these collaborations each and every week, for 15 weeks whilst showcasing the very best musicians and vocalists in the UK Country scene. 

Check out the project here:

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