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Top 5 Online Casino Slots with the Best Soundtrack



Music is the soul of the story. It helps the listeners connect with the story, immersing them into the plot with just a few (right) tones. And everything is better if you add a soundtrack.

The same thing applies to online casino games. As the ultimate gambling category made purely for entertainment, slots feature daring and exciting soundtracks that elevate the experience and transform it into something bigger than a mere gambling session.

We enlisted the help of Casino Bloke in choosing the top 5 online slots that have the best soundtracks. Casino Bloke, where top free play slot games are reviewed, has an enormous collection of slots, which means our task was a challenge. So, let’s see what we came up with.

Game of Thrones™ Power Stacks™

We kick off this list with a bang. One of the newest online slots to hit the casinos is the Game of Thrones™ Power Stacks™ slot by Microgaming and Slingshot Studios. The game is a branded slot, which means it was done thanks to Microgaming’s purchase of rights from the HBO show.

So, thanks to the right to use material from the show, the game is filled with familiar elements such as cast characters, visuals, and original Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack. However, the soundtrack steals the show as it features the most beloved themes. It is indeed a remarkable slot release that will bring players back to Westeros and allow them to create their version of the show finale. And as the prequel House of the Dragon is in production until 2022, the players gladly welcome this slot as a way to revisit the story and prepare for the highly anticipated show.

Ozzy Osbourne

The second slot that wowed the crowds with its incredible soundtrack is the Ozzy Osbourne slot that NetEnt made. NetEnt is an internationally acclaimed maker of online gambling games, with slots at the forefront of its impressive opus. Ozzy Osbourne is one slot that NetEnt made by signing a deal with Ozzy, making this a branded slot.

In the game, players are faced with a colourful display of some of the most common themes in Osbourne’s work. The rockstar of the ‘70s is an exciting personality, which means the team behind the NetEnt slot had a lot of material to use. If you are a fan of Ozzy, you will love the soundtrack, which is a compilation of his biggest hits that plays throughout the session.

The Phantom of the Opera

Microgaming truly is a master of branded games. The second Microgaming branded slot on our list is a bit older than Game of Thrones™ Power Stacks™ but is certainly not less interesting.

Based on the 2004 movie of the same name, based on the eponymous Andrew Lloyd Webber play, the Phantom of the Opera brings back the Phantom and his innocent love interest Christine. The music themes are heard softly playing in the background as players spin the reels searching for bonus features. The visuals complement the auditory experience as they present the movie characters as icons on the grid and a theatre stage as the background for the game. Another interesting detail is the use of music pieces to name features in the game.

The Phantom of the Opera is not the only slot that uses theatre as its setting. NetEnt’s Universal Music: The Phantom’s Curse has the same theme and a beautiful soundtrack to match the action too.

Rednex K.O. Cotton Eye Joe

The legendary Swedish band Rednex reigned over most music charts with their hit “Cotton Eye Joe”. The song was a smashing success in almost all parts of the world, becoming a favourite blast from the past for many of us.

And now, the song (and the band) is back. Green Jade Games, an up-and-coming creator of online gambling games, teamed up with the band to bring their hit back to the small screens. The result is the Rednex K.O. slot, which plays the “Cotton Eye Joe” on repeat throughout the session. It’s a perfect homage to the hit, while on the other hand, the song fits slots perfectly. As a result, players across the industry enjoy this remarkable game, but not only for its music – Green Jade Games incorporated exciting features that make this game a perfect choice for casual players.

Hades Gigablox

The final game on the list is an online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. This Maltese company builds impressive games that cover a diverse collection of themes and topics, including pirates, mythology, action movies, and animals.

But its Hades Gigablox slot proved to be one of the biggest successes for the company’s portfolio. The god of the dead, Hades, is the game’s main character, but for once, Yggdrasil decided not to portray him as a burly and dark guy that reigns over the underworld. Instead, in this version of Greek Underworld, Hades is a young and mischievous god that stands behind the massive reels and narrates as the reels spin. His voice, combined with the suspenseful and powerful notes that inspire the sense of dread – we are in the underworld, after all – are a potent mix of sounds that amplify the action aspect of the experience. A must-see and must-hear slot, for sure.


Online slots rely on a variety of elements to bring the best gaming experience to fans. This often proves to be a difficult task, but it is easier if the company behind the game has a good team that works on the soundtrack.

As we have seen, branded slots have the upper hand as they typically feature legendary music scores from popular shows and movies. But original soundtracks created for specific slots aren’t to be disregarded that easily.

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