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Towne – ‘The One I Love’



TOWNE consists of Pennsylvania-bred, music theater geek Steevie Steeves and straight-from-Kentucky, former The Pink Spiders-bassist, Jon Decious. The two talents unexpectedly crossed paths at Skip Ewing’s Horse and Writer Seminar in Wyoming where they immediately connected musically. Not long after they met, they realized they both lived behind the liquor store on 8th in the heart of Nashville, yet they had to travel thousands of miles to find out they were meant to make music together.

The result of Steevie and Jon’s musical fate is both enchanting and wicked. Formerly a couple, TOWNE decided to end their romantic relationship to make the band their main focus. The resulting music is emotional, dramatic and raw— a soap opera, if you will. According to the band, if Fleetwood Mac, Adele and OneRepublic were to somehow make a musical baby, the result would be TOWNE. You can hear what they mean in their debut EP, Games We Play, out now.

Towne recently released the official music video for their new single ‘The One I Love’ which has already surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube. Check it out:

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