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Trace Adkins Releases New Song, ‘Mind On Fishin’



Trace Adkins has released his new song, “Mind On Fishin’”, accompanied by a music video starring T. Graham Brown.
“As a man who still likes to fish about every evening, ‘Mind On Fishin’’ is very relatable to me,” Adkins shared with One Country. “The song, co-written by one of my favorite writers, Wynn Varble, along with Aaron Raitiere, humorously tells the story of a struggle we have all faced a time or two.”
“‘Mind On Fishin’” was one of the first tracks Trace and his team played me after Trace signed with Verge,” shared Mickey Jack Cones, president and COO of Verge. “I’ve loved it since the first listen. It’s an honest, feel good, uptempo, positive song – which are usually the ingredients of a potential hit. Not to mention, the song is fitting for the times since we’re unable to congregate in Church due to social distancing.”

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