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Travis Denning Announces New EP, “Might As Well Be Me”



Travis Denning

Travis Denning has announced his new six-song EP, Might As Well Be Me, coming August 5th. 

Denning has also released a new track from the upcoming release, sharing “Buy A Girl A Drink,” available now. The track was co-written by Denning with Jeremy Stover, Paul DiGiovanni and Chase McGill.

“Last year and my most recent EP were all about thankfulness, and being glad to have any live shows at all,” Denning says, explaining the drive behind a new creative chapter. “This time a lot of that is behind us, and it’s like ‘Alright, let’s get to work.’ Overall, I wanted this EP to feel like a setlist. And I wanted it to be a no skipper.”

MIGHT AS WELL BE ME Official Tracklist:

1. Red Round Here
2. River Named Mississippi
3. Buy A Girl A Drink
4. Don’t Give A Truck
5. She’s On It
6. If You Need Anything Down Here

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