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Tucker Beathard Pays Tribute To His Brother With ‘I Ain’t Without You’



Tucker Beathard has shared a touching new song, “I Ain’t Without You”, today. Beathard co-wrote the song with his Father and collaborator, Casey Beathard, as the two process the emotions and pay tribute following the passing of Beathard’s late brother Clayton King Beathard. Beathard first performed the stirring but hopeful song earlier this year at the Grand Ole Opry, and he returned to perform the track for a moving music video to honor the release.
“You can never prepare for something like this happening in your life. To be honest, I was always terrified of having someone so close to me pass away because I knew I wouldn’t have the strength to get through it on my own,” shared Beathard. “This song was inspired by the relationship I developed with the Lord following my little brother passing away and realizing that I don’t have the strength to go through this alone, but also realizing more than ever before that I’m not alone, and I am strong enough, but I ain’t without him.”

The pivotal new track is the crown on the head of Beathard’s upcoming record KING’s head. Slated for release on August 21, the 13-song set is a musical mosaic of Beathard’s fire-tested spirit, each song a different tile in the bigger picture, with Beathard racking up co-producer, co-writer, lead guitar and drum credits on every track on the record.

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