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Tucker Beathard Releases New Song, ‘You Would Think’



Warner Music Nashville’s Tucker Beathard revealed a new song, ”You Would Think,” on Friday, as the next track from the upcoming second chapter of his debut double album. Written by Beathard, Donovan Woods and Casey Beathard, he shared more details with American Songwriter as the “moving song… deals with some potent emotions.” Beathard also co-produced and played lead guitar and drums on the song.

“What I love about songwriting is that it can be so personal, but you also get to tell stories for other people and from other people’s outlook,” explained Tucker Beathard. “With this song, I think when people initially hear it they might automatically assume it is about a romantic relationship, but when we were writing it we felt like it could be from the viewpoint of so many different relationships, whether it be romantic or even a family dynamic like a child to his or her parent. I think when you listen to it with that in mind it gives you a whole different perspective of the song.”

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