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Tucker Beathard Releases New Track “Prayin’ For You”



Tucker Beathard

Tucker Beathard returns with the release of “Prayin’ For You” today. Written just a few weeks ago by Beathard, HARDY, Zach Abend and Nick Donley, the new track shares a timely perspective on the impact of current events and showing compassion for others.

Released in its stripped-down form as it was initially written and recorded as a demo, fans can listen to Beathard’s new aching guitar-driven song, “Prayin’ For You,” at all digital retailers here.

“We wrote this song a couple weeks ago and in these crazy times we’re living in…it’s been weighing heavy on my heart,” Beathard said. “As an artist and a songwriter I feel like it’s important to share my message with anyone who wants to hear it and it felt important to get this song out immediately. I think fans are going to resonate with this one.”

Check out the lyric video below.

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