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Tucker Beathard Shares New Track ‘Find Me Here’



Singer/songwriter Tucker Beathard is sharing one of the most honest songs of his career, “Find Me Here” (Warner Music Nashville): available to listen HERE. Co-written and co-produced by Beathard, the unflinching track accompanies Beathard’s new “arena-country gold” (Rolling Stone) single “Better Than Me” and is the next song taken from the upcoming second chapter of his debut double album. 

Watch the new video for “Find Me Here” below: 

Beathard is becoming known for a sense of wordplay, melody, movement and story beyond his peers. “Find Me Here” is a standout example opening with a frank reflection “too jacked up to just black out in this mess of a bed I made” and continues with “there’s a preacher on TV saying something ’bout you coming back soon. Got me thinking ’bout how if you walked in now what the hell I’d do.” The confessional nature of the song builds, with the sobering “Lord if you decide tonight’s the night you’re coming back, I hope you don’t find me here.” The powerful lyrics of the track hold up the praise Beathard has received for his songwriting, with Billboard championing his craft as “smart pieces from a singular mind, the kind of material that comes from someone who marches to his own drum and mines that perspective for his worldview.” 

“This song is my confession to the manupstairs,” shared Beathard. “Because it’s such a vulnerable, personal and emotional song, the only way to fully capture that when recording it was by waiting till about 3 AM. That way I could fully get into that headspace, while my voice was tired as we recorded this as a live take with just me and a guitar.” 

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