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Una Healy Announces Release Of Two New Tracks



Una Healy has today announced the release of two special songs, firstly a unique cover of 90s club anthem Set You Free, and a brand-new original track Wild Grasses out December 26th. Both songs will be available on all digital partners and Set You Free is out now and can be streamed here.

A fan of 90s dance music, Set You Free has always stood out musically to the Irish singer-songwriter because of its moving lyrics and gorgeous melody, so she jumped at the chance to put her own spin on it. Commenting on her version, Una added: “I stripped the song down completely to bring out the deep emotion behind the song and bring to life what it means to me. The song reminds me of the unconditional love that surrounds us in all areas of our lives, not necessarily in a romantic sense, but the love of family and friends that keeps us strong through all of life’s adversities. Leading up to Christmas, it’s a message that I personally need to remind myself and hope everyone can find comfort in”.

As well as covering one of her favourite guilty pleasures, Una has also been hard at work writing plenty of new music with some exciting releases planned for 2020. As a treat for her loyal fanbase, she will also release a brand-new track called Wild Grasses on December 26th.

Wild Grasses was co-written with the legendary American songwriter Eric Bazillian who has worked with the likes of Robbie Williams, Joan Osborne, Bon Jovi and LeAnn Rimes. Describing the track, Eric comments: “Wild Grasses is one of those precious songs that was waiting for someone to write it. When Una sang the first line, ‘I hate to leave you now’ for me the floodgates opened and I was transported to that moment several months earlier sitting by my father in hospital, surrounded by his loved ones, as he breathed his final breaths and passed away. Una and I became of a single mind as the lyric wrote itself. Tears were shed and smiles smiled as we told the story of how life, death, and love are all so preciously and delicately intertwined.” Una adds “I had a melody in my head for weeks and met with Eric and started humming it and the first words just came out and it flowed from there. It has a real celtic folk sound to it too. It is a very comforting song for anyone who has lost someone close to know that their spirit will always be there with them.”

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