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Una Healy Releases New Single, ‘Until You’



Una Healy has shared her new single, Until You, written by Una and Fred Abbott, Harleymoon Kemp, Sara Eker and Nick Southwood, who between them have worked with the likes of Cee-Lo, Adam Levine and Catherine McGrath. This is her first new music release of 2020. 

Speaking of the track, Una says “Until You is a twist on the classic love song, inspired by my own experience in past relationships. Relationships are more complicated than what youre sold in the films or on radio, they go far beyond just falling in love and breaking up. 

Until You is written from the stage of acceptance, which happens much later on and takes time and perspective. It’s about that moment when you realise that all relationships, whether good, bad, successful or destructive are important moments in our journeys of personal growth. Everything happens for a reason and is there to teach us a lesson.”

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