Uncle Lucius Release ‘Age Of Reason’ Video Ahead Of UK Tour


d87eba_a682055cf04a4cb6962fec4d3b247d0dmv2_d_3000_2540_s_4_2Ahead of their UK & European tour, Austin band Uncle Lucius have revealed the official music video for their single ‘Age of Reason’. Written by founding bassist Hal Vorpahl, the song conceals a call to arms within the Stax Records-influenced vibe. “It’s a call to let go of limitations,” said singer Kevin Galloway, and among these barriers are religion, tradition, and tribe, for no matter their power in shaping us, “where we come from will never mean as much as where we’ve been.” As the track quiets to a dissonant murmur, Galloway offers his sternest indictment: “We claim to serve divinity, yet we exploit those who believe.” The band caterwauls back into place, grinding and pulsating like a well-oiled machine.

Probing painful truths should come as no surprise to long-time UL fans. From their debut effort, Something They Ain’t, Uncle Lucius has specialized in unvarnished reflections, whether in the thought provoking ‘Million Ways’ or the captivating ‘Keep the Wolves Away’, which propelled their outsider’s angle into the mainstream of Texas radio in 2013.

On tour in the UK:

November 1st- FAT LILS, WITNEY
November 2nd – MAZE, NOTTINGHAM
November 3rd – ACADEMY 2, LONDON
November 6th – HUG AND PINT, GLASGOW

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