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Vince Gill – Down To My Last Bad Habit



VG“I’ve always wanted to record a bunch of really dirty songs under a fake name that showed my sense of humor” Vince joked with Billboard. Fear not, Vince fans. His latest project, ‘Down To My Last Habit’, couldn’t be further away from that. Known for his pitch-perfect vocals, his powerful, melodically beautiful ballads and his unmistakable guitar riffs, Vince doesn’t stray far from his familiar path. If you expected anything different here, think again.

Vince co-wrote every track on the album alongside some of Nashville’s best song-writers, including Ashley Monroe, Jillian Jacqueline and Leslie Satcher. There is always an element of vulnerability in Vince’s music, and this project is no different. ‘One More Mistake’ in particular is a haunting, almost soulful track that demonstrates his awesome song-writing talents. Not to mention the wonderful addition of Chris Botti on trumpet which adds something truly beautiful to the instrumentation.

Also, Vince enlisted the help of a couple of familiar faces from the newer generation of country artists, in the form of Little Big Town and Cam. Little Big Town feature on ‘Take Me Down’, a mid-tempo, almost Lady Antebellum-ish track with an incredibly haunting guitar riff and a very catchy chorus. One of the most mainstream, chart-orientated tracks on offer here, and an absolute stunner too.

Rising country star Cam features on ‘I’ll Be Waiting For You’ with subtle background vocals. This is the most stripped-back song you will find; mainly a couple of guitars and a pair of incredible vocalists. So simple yet so powerful, and Cam and Vince’s voices blend seamlessly. One of those that makes you sit back and think ‘WOW!’ after the first listen!

Another highlight is the title track, ‘Down To My Last Bad Habit’. Very reminiscent of Vince’s collaboration with Kelly Clarkson on ‘Don’t Rush’ back in 2012. A slight break-away from the traditional sound in the form of a laid-back soul/R&B melody. This one is a real stand-out; it’s such a warm track that wraps you up right from the first second. Vince at his very best.

Perhaps the most likely track for a single release, however, is ‘Me and My Girl’, a fun, light-hearted track that certainly sticks with you after a first listen. “Roll down the windows, let that ol’ wind blow” sums it up; a great feel-good summer song. Unfortunately, here in England we can’t do that too often, but it’s one you’ll definitely enjoy anyway! On an album full of very deep, emotional stories, this one is a refreshing break.

It has been five years since Vince’s last solo album, ‘Guitar Slinger’ was released. ‘Down To My Last Bad Habit’ proves that he hasn’t lost his ability to create an exquisite collection of carefully crafted songs since then. Vince is back to his very best, and in truth, there isn’t a track on the whole album that you would want to skip. Brilliant from start to finish.

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