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Ward Thomas Announce New Album, ‘Invitation’



Ward Thomas have announced their forthcoming studio album ‘Invitation’ – out October 2nd on WTW Music through eastwest. In addition, the duo have released the first song from the project, ‘Sweet Time’.

‘Invitation’ was largely produced by Jonathan Quarmby (Lewis Capaldi, Tom Walker, Finley Quaye), and mostly recorded in lockdown from their Hampshire cottage.

The girls say; “2020 has been a year full of learning, which we feel has changed our approach to this album. We recorded a lot of it from our cottage, and working remotely came with its share of challenges, but also new opportunities. Although recorded during uncertain times, the record feels like an invitation to a more positive time; to a more open and exciting new chapter. We named it after a lyric in the song ‘Open Your Mind’ because the album feels like an invitation – whether it be figuratively, an invitation to self-reflect, or physically, to a time when we can all party again.”

‘Invitation’ – Track Listing
1.    Sweet Time
2.    Don’t Be A Stranger
3.    Open Your Mind
4.    Someday
5.    Meant To Be Me
6.    Dear Me
7.    Hold Space
8.    Wait Up
9.    My Favourite Poison
10.    Painted Legacy
11.    If There Were Words
12.    Halfway (with James Blunt)
13.    Human (Live from Wembley Arena with Jack Savoretti)
14.    Landslide

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