Ward Thomas Release New Single ‘No Filter’



Rising stars Ward Thomas, twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy, release their new single ‘No Filter’, one of the tracks on their  forthcoming album ‘Restless Minds’ (on WTW Music/Sony Music) released on 1st February 2019.

Written with frequent collaborators, Jessica Sharman and Rebekah Powell, ‘No Filter’ is a classic modern day anthem.

“It’s all about being our true selves, and standing up for what we believe in. Instead of being shackled by the pressures to conform, the song is about having the courage to break free of them,” Catherine says.

Driven by dreamy piano, percussion and electronics before exploding into a huge ‘call to arms’ chorus, ‘No Filter’ was originally inspired by an awkward photo shoot.

“We were lying on the floor, with people moving our arms and hair, touching up our make-up and tucking in our clothes to make us look slimmer,” says Lizzy, “Then they all stepped away and told us to look natural!”

“The song is about fake reality – the filter/selfie thing, but it could also be about women at work or even in a relationship. We know as female artists that if we put our foot down at work, we’re sometimes seen as being difficult.  If a male artist does the same, it’s because he knows his own mind,” Lizzy adds.

Watch the No Filter lyric video below…


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