Ward Thomas To Feature On New Sarah Darling Single ‘Divide’



Sarah Darling has announced her new single ‘Divide’, featuring guest vocals from UK country duo Ward Thomas. The single will be released on November 22nd, just under 2 weeks before Sarah’s hotly anticipated December 2nd Union Chapel concert, which will feature a selection of Sarah’s greatest hits, Christmas favourites, as well as special guest appearances by Sarah’s friends in the country music scene.

Developed once more with two of Sarah’s most trusted songwriting partners Jessica Sharman and Cheyenne Medders, inspiration for ‘Divide’ initially stirred within Sarah when she was hiking with her husband at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Feeling moved by the way in which water flowed down all the different streams to meet their final oceanic destination, Sarah explains that, “As I was standing at the continental divide, I felt something come over me.  I realized that I was standing at the highest elevation, and that would determine which direction water would run down the mountain.  It would divide and go its separate ways to the ocean.  I started to think of relationships in my own life, the way the world is, and it felt like such a beautiful metaphor for how life works.  Sometimes people or situations come into your life and you have to let them go.  Other times, you see that person down the road, and you realize that time worked all things out.  So many things in life divide to come back together again.”

Starting simply with a single guitar track, Sarah and Cheyenne took an additive approach of building the arrangements until the song became an ‘experience’, at which point asking Sarah’s dear friends Ward Thomas to feature felt like a natural next step, “I got the idea of asking Ward Thomas to join in once I heard the harmonies really syncing.  This song has this interesting chant which I’ve never written before. It felt like it needed a group of angels, so I asked my dear friends Ward Thomas to join in.  I literally played the track for them at The Queen in Primrose Hill and they loved it!  We’ve been great friends ever since I met them.  We genuinely inspire each other, and it’s so nice to have that kind of friendship in the music business.  It feels like the perfect collaboration with people I love.”


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