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Waterloo Revival Release Music Video For ‘Something You Ain’t Ever Had’



Having accumulated over 600,000 streams since the launch of ‘Something You Ain’t Ever Had’ last month, Show Dog Nashville duo Waterloo Revival have released a new music video for the track.

“We are so excited to release a music video for this song,” says Waterloo Revival’s George Birge. “Taking a leap of faith as it relates to the lyrics in the song, is something we connected strongly to because it overlaps with our journey in the music industry. We have been wanting to work with director Dustin Haney for a long time now and were blown away by his talent. We hope this video helps bring the song to life for our fans and maybe even inspires a wild hair or two.”

Produced by Lalo Guzman and executive produced by Arturo Buenahora, Jr. the track was written by Heath Warren, Brendan Cooney and Rob Grimaldi. Its power ballad charms immediately attracted the attention of the duo’s Birge and Cody Cooper. 

“‘Something You Ain’t Ever Had’ is a song that jumped off the page to us right away,” says Birge. “We have always prided ourselves on the energy in our live set, and we feel like this song captures that coming out of the speakers. From the empowering message, to the captivating sound, we cannot wait to get this song out to the world and into our live show!”

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