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What Makes The UK’s Country Music So Special?



The country music in the UK isn’t as popular as the likes of Justin Bieber and Matt Cardle, but it does have a loyal fan following. It is loved by those who seek pleasure in the stillness of country life. People who wish to spend some time away from the rigours of city life can give country music a shot. If you wish to relive the good old country lifestyle, then country music is tailor-made for you. 

The advent of high-voltage techno tunes has led to a shift in the tastes and preferences of the urban youth. Not many want to listen to the good old tunes of the English countryside. This lazy laid back attitude is not everybody’s cup of tea. Well, if you are a fan of contemporary music, then check this out

It is quite heartening to see that some of the young musicians are trying to reinvent the brand of English country music. Here are a few reasons behind the resurgence of country music in the UK:

The melody

It goes pretty much without saying that country music is breathtaking. These good old melodies tend to engulf you from all possible sides the moment you turn on the radio. All of these melodies grip you tightly, and you don’t want to break free. There is relief in country music. It provides you with an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. So, if you wish to relive the melody, then get your Country music concert tickets booked as soon as possible. It is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. Visit here to get your tickets booked.

The nostalgia

If you are a guy or a girl who grew up during the 1970s and 80s, then you will be well aware of the menace that John Prine’s songs created during the era. “Grandpa Was a Carpenter” became an instant hit. There were many such songs that ended up creating ripples in the UK back then. Songs such as this one have become cult classics with the passage of time. These are still an integral part of a middle-aged guy’s playlist because they bring back the good old days of the 1970s. The moment you play them, you find yourself teleported (not literally). 

These songs are easy on the ears

Yes, that is right. Country music is easy on the ears. It isn’t ‘ornamented’ by flashy and catchy tunes, and neither is it high on octane. People love it because it helps them rejuvenate. You can put your earphones and begin with the joyride. The moment you start listening to country music, you tend to lose yourself. 

Relive the good old days

Yes, many of the guys that grew up during the 80s love listening to country music. It lets you relive the days of your graduation. Many of the high-school goers during the 1980s used to hum Sir Elton John’s melodies while making their way to school. You can relive the good old days because many of the young artistes are recreating the magic of country music. The likes of

Catherine McGrath and The Staves have churned out some hummable melodies in recent times. Get your music packages right away if you want to catch them performing live on stage. 

To draw the curtains

Country music is no longer what it used to be, but that doesn’t mean that the genre’s popularity has declined. Fans of the genre still listen to it quite actively. If you happen to be a fan of country music, then Google some of the evergreen hits, wear your earphones and enjoy these good old melodies. 

Enjoy the music, folks!!!

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