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Will Hoge Shares New Track, ‘The Overthrow’



Ahead of the release of his new self-produced album, Tiny Little Movies, on June 26th, Will Hoge has shared another cut from the record, titled ‘The Overthrow’.

“The riff and the lyrics sort of got born together in this one” explains Hoge. “I liked the mix of the heavy, riff guitar and the vocal melody. It originally had a more verbose chorus but the point seemed to be better made when that got scrapped and it became the repeat of ‘The Overthrow’. I really tried to write into it NOT being a ‘political’ song, but it just is. With all that’s going on currently in our country, I’m glad I couldn’t talk myself into that.”

Premiered with American Songwriter, the new track follows on from earlier singles ‘Even The River Runs Out Of Time’ & ‘The Curse’.

“I grew up loving rock & roll records, and that’s my intent every time I go into the studio — to honor that sound,” he says. “You get closer sometimes more than others. This time, I think we nailed it. I spent years worried about things falling apart—personally, musically, emotionally, financially, you name it,” Hoge recalls. “As I’ve gotten better at my life, there’s a moment of realizing that this is it. It is where it is supposed to be. So I’ve been looking around, embracing the good and the bad, hoping to change what I can, and accepting the things I can’t.”

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