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YLIAS American Road Trip Diary: August 12th



flag-1127885_960_720Atlanta, Georgia. The home of the Zac Brown Band. Zac wasn’t at home when we were there, or if he was we didn’t see him. We did manage to come close to ZBB heritage though. We almost went to the Dixie Tavern where they started out on their open mic sessions. We say “almost” because it was a Tuesday night and they don’t do live music on Tuesdays.

It’s all about the timing. We almost had a tour of the Fox Theatre where ZBB recorded ‘Pass the Jar’. The tours don’t run on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You guessed it….we were there on Tuesday.

The only live music we saw in Atlanta was a female singer entertaining 6 people in the centre of the city.  She was very good. It was a lunchtime gig set up by the city to entertain the workers on their lunch break but the workers didn’t show up.

We have been to many country gigs in the UK where the entertainers outnumber the punters but even we can beat six! We were also told by some of the locals that Atlanta doesn’t really do country music. Well that’s one perception crushed.

We had to resort to a trip around CNN headquarters that wasn’t riveting and a trip around ‘The World of Coca-Cola’ that was surprisingly cool. We got to sample lots of coke which is something quite a few of the locals in Atlanta seem to do. Fortunately, our brand of coke didn’t leave us lying on the floor in the middle of the day!

Onwards to Charlotte. You may think that our music trip isn’t going well. Trust us it gets much better. How about standing outside a theatre in Charlotte in the middle of the afternoon when Brandy Clark walks up and says “hi”.

This happened folks. A lovely lady. Very down to earth and natural.

We got to see her perform as well. The show was superb and Dan had the chance to interview her.

Update on Country Radio US style. Not good. Jon Pardi and Chris Lane are becoming very annoying. BUT…we did find a small un-affiliated station in the mountains that actually played Phil Vassar!

We are resorting to music on the iPad. It’s a sad state of affairs. More soon.

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