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YLIAS New Release Round-Up: November



Here are some great new releases worth checking out from the world of country/americana!

Frankie Davies – ‘Wherever I Go’ (Album)

Good to start our round-up with one of our own. A regular on the UK touring circuit and support act to many of the prime US touring acts, Frankie Davies has released her debut album. Recorded in Nashville, Liverpool and London, it’s been in the works since 2017 and contains all of the songs that you will be familiar with if you have attended her live gigs.

We often lament the lack of full albums from our UK artists who have to contend with high production costs and lack of record company support. It’s good to see that Frankie has bucked the trend and we can now appreciate a full body of work.

It’s certainly a diverse listen. Show pleasers ‘Front Row Seat’, ‘The Sweetest Sound’ and the title track show Frankie’s mellow side. She also gets the toes tapping with the opener ‘High On Love’ but isn’t afraid to unleash the rockier side of her nature with ‘You Don’t Know Me’. Check it out!

JT Hodges – ‘City Lights To Fire Sides’ (EP)

We last heard from JT Hodges in 2015 with his ‘Lock on Doors’ EP. He has taken a hiatus and occupied himself in the theatre, writing and performing in musicals.  His return to the country fold is this 5-track EP. 4 new tracks and a cover of Paul Simon’s ‘Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes’ which is slowed down and given a whole new country feel. A very brave choice but one that he pulls off with aplomb.

There’s plenty for the country dance floor as well. ‘Mr Wilkerson’ with its mandolin and pounding beats would keep the after-show party crowd happy, and the opener and likely single ‘Different’ is made with country radio in mind.

Andrew Hyatt – ‘Cain’ (EP)

Country music from Ontario, Canada. He released an album ‘Iron and Ashes’ last year and now follows that up with this 6 track EP.

Check out ‘Heaven Guessing’, a superb mid-tempo affair, but if we had to pick out a standout from a strong set, we have to select ‘Some Dust Don’t Settle Down’ with it’s distinctive guitar patterns and driving beats.

Hyatt recently won the SiriusXM ‘Top of the Country’ competition in conjunction with the Canadian Country Music Association. This is the best EP we have heard for a while. This guy might be going places.

Mitchell Tenpenny – ‘Walk Like Him’

We love Mitchell Tenpenny at YLIAS. ‘Drunk Me’ has been on our decks all year and we have been hotly anticipating new music from this dude. It’s now starting to emerge.

This is the new single dedicated to his late Father and will be featured on the new album ‘Telling All My Secrets’, due on the December 14th. We can’t imagine a better Christmas present.

Paul Brandt – ‘Bittersweet’ ft. Lindsay Ell

Brandt is huge in his native Canada with multiple awards and 5 albums. He is Canadian Country Music’s most decorated performer.

For the new single, he has teamed up with rising Nashville star Lindsay Ell on High Valley’s Brad Rempel‘s up-beat ‘Bittersweet’. Lindsay’s contribution is restricted to guitar only unfortunately, but it’s certainly worth checking out.

The Swon Brothers – ‘Midnight Lovers’

We have been rooting for these guys since their ‘Voice USA‘ appearance back in Season 4 in 2013. ‘Later On’ was a top 20 hit in the US but subsequent releases haven’t had the success they have deserved.

We have no idea why ‘Don’t Call Me’ wasn’t a huge hit but it disappeared without a trace. They are back with the up-beat ‘Midnight Lovers’ – time for a hit song, lads! Let’s hope this is the one…

William Michael Morgan – ‘Brokenhearted’   

New music from William Michael Morgan is always something to savour.

‘Brokenhearted’ is a taster from a new, as yet unannounced album. We don’t yet know if it will be sent to country radio as a bona fide single. Whatever. Its just typical WMM – awesome.

Brett Young – ‘Ticket To L.A.’

The title track to Brett Young’s second album has dropped. The album’s due on 7th December. He wrote this one with Zach Crowell and Jon Nite, and it has hit record written all over it.

He’s made his name mainly singing ballads, but we are promised a more up-beat vibe on the new album. This track sets the scene.

Dillon Carmichael – ‘Hell On An Angel’ (Album)

We first came across Dillon Carmichael last year when ‘Old Songs Like That’ emerged. He followed up with ‘Made To Be A Country Boy’, neither of which made the cut here. The strategy worked, as the appetite for his debut album was well and truly wetted.

Dave Cobb produces, and the traditional country fans will be lapping this up.

Ward Thomas – ‘Never Know’

The sisters are back with a stormer. Ok, it’s not remotely ‘Country’ but as a catchy, pop-based song, it will take some beating. Already featured on Radio 2, it’s got hit record all over it and we think that it’s up there with the best they have ever released.

Graham Wharton

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