YLIAS Recommends: Our Top 10 New Releases! (December 8th)


We’ve put together a list of our favourite new releases for your listening pleasure – enjoy!


They are currently reaching the end of their headlining ‘Wild Silence’ tour and will surely be booking even larger venues for next year.

We truly don’t know how far these guys can go but it’s so exciting to see a homegrown vocal group with so much momentum and universal popularity.

The deluxe version of the debut album ‘Wild Silence’ will be released on 25th January 2019 and the first of the new songs ‘Til The Day I Die’ is a quality taster.


Can Lori McKenna spread some of her gold dust onto Karen Waldrup and give this hugely talented girl the leg up she needs onto the country music ladder? ‘Sometimes He Does’ has been lifted off Karen’s ‘Justified’ album and just might be THAT song.

She was offered the song as a result of her cover of Lee Ann Womack’s ‘I Hope You Dance’, which was a huge viral hit. The co-writer of that song, Mark Sanders, made contact and offered her the chance to record a Lori McKenna song which just happened to be ‘Sometimes He Does’. With the right exposure, this could be a huge hit single.


Sometimes it’s good to know a little about the artist’s back story. Where they originate from, who they have worked with, how close they are to joining the elite or even the semi-elite. But sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the song for what it is, and ‘Hurts Like Heaven’ is a very good song.

Jordan Fletcher’s social media profile isn’t extensive. The link to his website suggests it’s been closed and his Facebook page doesn’t reveal too many details.

It’s written about those who we have lost and dearly miss. In Jordan’s case, it’s his Dad, but it could be about your Dad or just about anyone.


Adam and Lawrence Purnell, aka Foreign Affairs, have been clocking up the miles over the last couple of years making appearances at the UK festivals and spreading the word.

‘The Old Fire Station’ is a 5-track EP which features the lead single ‘Faded’ and the new release ‘Baby Come Home’ which has already received radio play and seems to be the track that the fans relate to.


Buckle and Boots seem to have the knack of introducing us to tomorrow’s hit-makers. In 2017, it was Morgan Evans who told us that that he was going to play his new single ‘Kiss Somebody’.  We’ve heard that one a few times since! This year it was Filmore who stole the show with his acoustic performances and main stage presence.

The word in Nashville is that this guy is going places. The new single is ‘Love That About You’. The traditionalists will hate it. There may be a banjo somewhere in the mix, but it’s pure pop-country with the magic ingredient – we bet you will be singing along to this one straight away.


Canadian Country Music Association’s female artist of the year in 2014 and regular Canadian chart-topper Kira Isabella has released her new 5-track EP. It’s already debuted at No 1 in her homeland and deserves exposure here also.

The lead single from the album ‘Little Girl’ is featured here…


This was released in October for reasons that escape us, but now’s the time to let this one loose. For a man who wears his faith very much on his sleeve, it was a natural progression that Aaron Watson would make a Christmas record eventually.

However, Mr Watson was not going to play it safe. He brought his whole family into the recording studio with him, and the result is a 10-track album containing 8 classics and 2 originals including ‘She Stared At Him All Night’, written by Drew Womack.

The family lend backing vocals on most of the classics, but also get their own chance to shine on ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ which features 12-year-old Jake, 10-year-old Jack and 8 year-old Jolee Kate and no Dad at all!


Recorded for exercise company Peleton’s ad campaign, this is a cover of Queen’s 1980 smash. Dwight Yoakam was the first country artist to cover it, but now Brett Eldredge brings his own take to the song which has also been heavily featured in Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ movie.

Eldredge never leaves anything in the recording studio and he has retained the rockabilly feel which leaves it sounding very ‘Showaddywaddy’ throughout.

We hope to see this one included in 2019’s C2C set list!


We know her as Yola Carter. She’s graced our concert venues and festivals for the last few years. We first had the pleasure of seeing her perform in Bristol supporting Sam Outlaw, and she blew us away.

She has an amazing voice and has already been crowned the queen of country-soul. She just needed the commercial addition to her songs to progress into the mainstream. She now has.

Her album ‘Walk Through Fire’ is released next February, produced by Dan Auerbach. This is the first release from that album.


Janson’s first holiday song. A song that has to be heard with the video, which features his family and Janson sitting at the white piano relating all of the things that make Christmas special and personal.

Graham Wharton

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