YLIAS Songs For The Summer: Tracks That You NEED To Hear!


Album tracks, new releases or ‘been around a while’. They have something in common. We think that they are all pretty damn good……..

Kasey Chambers ft. Keith Urban – ‘If We Had A Child’ (from ‘Dragonfly’)

Two of Australia’s premier Country music stars, although we suspect that Mr Urban will probably be rather more recognisable. However, Kasey Chambers is probably just as famous’ down under’. She is now onto her 11th studio album and most have hit the top spot in the Aussie charts. ‘Dragonfly’, a double album, hit number 1 at the beginning of the year in Australia but it has now received an international release. There are a number of gems to discover on the album but Keith’s participation swung us in favour of ‘If We Had A Child’.

Foy Vance ft. Kacey Musgraves – ‘Moonshine’ (‘Live By Night’ Soundtrack)

This is a song that could have very easily slipped our notice. Ben Affleck’s latest gangster movie ‘Live By Night’ had ended and the end credits began. The music sounded interesting, very interesting. Foy Vance hails from Northern Ireland. This awesome song that deals with the story of a bootlegger running moonshine was perfect for the movie but also fits in very nicely with the music that we just have to share on this site. It’s a song with a deep Southern vibe and Kacey’s harmonies work just perfectly.

AJ Hobbs – ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’  (From ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’)

Country soul from California. AJ Hobbs released a fine album in March which contains any number of tunes that we could have highlighted here. Hobbs has a colourful history and has some good tales to tell.  The title track will have the toes tapping and the party in full swing but delving deeper is a rewarding experience. Sounding somewhat Sturgill like at times, AJ Hobbs is one to check out.

Charlie Worsham – ‘The Beginning Of Things’ (From ‘The Beginning Of Things’)

It seems as though I have lived with this song for ages. We saw Charlie in Manchester last Autumn and he gave out copies of his unreleased album on CD to the punters who had showed up to watch him perform. The album came out in May. By that time it had been played constantly in the car and just about anywhere where we could find a player.

Charlie’s a massive conundrum. How can someone so damn talented not be a huge star? He was awesome at C2C and is developing a following here in the UK. However, his album seems to have disappeared already in the states. The sales have been pitiful which is bizarre considering the quality on offer. Again we could have literally chosen any number of tracks to highlight but it really doesn’t get too much better than the title track. Simply a great song.

Trea Landon – ‘Shot In The Dark’ (From Self-Titled EP)

The production line of male US country singers has delivered another new name to compete in the already crowded waters. Trea Landon moved to Nashville in 2015 and had been in the town for 4 weeks before he was approached and signed by Dallas Davidson of Play It Again Publishing, who has Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan on his books. Not the worst break in the world.

Landon is pitching for the younger modern country market and his 6-track EP contains radio-friendly tunes that you would expect for a 24-year-old debut artist. Tucked away at the end of the EP is ‘Shot In The Dark’, probably the most ‘country’ song on offer, which shows his potential more than anything else so far.

Will Hoge ft. Sheryl Crow – ‘Little Bit Of Rust’ (From ‘Anchors’)

Will Hoge is another guy that deserves to play his songs to a wider crowd. His last album ‘Small Town Dreams’ was an absolute stonker that should have launched him into the mainstream. How can an album that contained such classics as ‘Middle Of America’ and ‘Little Bitty Dreams’ not be absolutely huge?

It nearly was but there are many ‘nearlys’ and ultimately Hoge was rejected by US country radio. Licking his wounds included separating from his band, leaving his publishing company and withdrawing from the touring schedule that was burning him out.

He has now reset and returns with a new track from a soon to be released album ‘Anchors’, which will include 11 self-written tracks. ‘Little Bit Of Rust’ is the first to see the light of day and it’s good to have him back. He’s touring the UK next month and we really need to show our love for this guy.

Gary Allan – ‘Mess Me Up’

Where did Gary Allen disappear to? In the 90’s and much of the early 2000’s he was a mainstay on the US country charts and played constantly on radio. The hits dried up for him after ‘Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)’ topped the chart in 2012 and the general consensus seems to be that he moved too far away from his core audience, chasing the styles and appeal of the younger performers.

However, there seems to be a buzz about his new single ‘Mess Me Up’ which is gaining ground on the Country airplay chart. He has recently re-signed with Universal Music Group Nashville and this seems to be the first offering from his next, and so far, un-named album.

Chris Janson – ‘Everybody’ (From ‘Fix A Drink’ EP)

The ‘Buy Me A Boat’ man is back with a new 5-track EP that has been released to support his ‘Fix A Drink’ single. ‘Everybody’ is a sing-a-long up-beat party song that would be just perfect for Nashville Nights. Janson seems to have that special knack of writing songs that work when they really shouldn’t.

Brett Eldredge – ‘The Long Way’/’Love Someone’   

Two for the price of one. Both from a new album that will be with us in August.

We had a conversation when compiling this mini-list of songs to recommend. It was along the lines of “Has Brett Eldredge ever released a bad song?” We think not, and these two maintain the standard that he has set.

Graham Wharton

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