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Zac Brown – ‘Grandma’s Garden’



Zac Brown has released a new solo single from the upcoming Dave Cobb concept album.

“The concept [of the record] is Southern family” Cobb told Rolling Stone Country last December, weeks before he took home two trophies at the 2016 Grammy Awards. “It’s everybody writing personal songs about their family growing up in the south. And the second bigger concept is taking all these talented artists and putting them all together.”

The single, ‘Grandma’s Garden’ is a melodically beautiful ballad, reminiscent of early Zac Brown Band material from ‘The Foundation’ and ‘You Get What You Give’ albums. “Grandma’s love is what made Grandma’s garden grow”.

The track list for the album is impressive to say the least, featuring contributions from the likes of Jason Isbell, Miranda Lambert and Chris Stapleton. ‘Southern Family’ is set to be released March 18th.

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